Emerging Business

With global leadership in rail transportation control, CRSC has extended its business scope both upstream and downstream around the emerging industry of modern tramway, becoming China's first enterprise across the whole industrial chain from investment & financing and design & planning to general contracting, vehicle manufacture and operation maintenance. Organically combining various rail transit vehicles with various cities, we strive to build intelligent and integrated 3D transportation networks for these cities to provide passengers with the convenience and comfort of rail transit travel and rapidly-developing Chinese cities with a new choice of energy-saving, environmental-friendly and green mode of transportation.

Investment & Financing

Design & Planning

General Contracting

Vehicle Manufacture

Operation Maintenance

Model 1: 3-Module Tram

1. Proven bogie technology from Europe for good vehicle stability.

2. Excellent dynamic performance for stable vehicle operation in harsh external environments.

3. Rapid acceleration after starting for better utilization of vehicle traction & braking performance.

4. Freestyle bogie for lower friction between parts during braking.

Model 2: 5-module Tram

1. Wide and comfortable interior space for 372 passengers.

2. 100% low-floor and broad aisle for convenient passenger boarding and un-boarding.

3. Braking energy storage for higher energy efficiency.

4. Lightweight body for minimal vehicle weight.

Model 3: Straddle Monorail

1. Flexible train consist, large passenger capacity, and high safety & reliability. 

2. No impact on city aesthetics and good landscape effect.

3. Less land occupation and strong terrain adaptability.

4. Good trafficability for horizontal curves (with min. radius of 50m).

5. Intelligent, environmental-friendly, low noise, low vibration, and high comfort.

6.Short cycle and moderate costs.

7. Two-way travel with train control technology for ATO functionality.

Model 4: Suspended Monorail

1. Proven technologies from Europe for high reliability.

2. Steel wheel and steel rail for lower energy consumption and wheel abrasion during train operation.

3. Broad view for core urban zones and scenic spots.

4. Less land resource demand and shorter construction period.