Capital Operation

CRSC's capital operation is a new business segment developed around its main business and relevant businesses. It involves project investment and capital operation to promote and operation mode across the whole industrial chain, boost the coordinated development of CRSC's engineering services and equipment manufacture businesses, create new profit growth points, improve the size and performance of CRSC’s real economy, and promotes CRSC’s transformation and upgrading.

CRSC's capital operation platform can be described as “One center, Two pivots and Three markets”, with its Board of Directors as the capital operation decision center, its Capital Operation Department as the coordination and control pivot, Innovation Investment Company as the project capital operation pivot, to promote the building and expansion of its internal market, domestic market and overseas market.

Rail Transit (Tramway)

∙ PPP Project of Tramway Demonstration Line (Phase I) of Tianshui

∙ Tramway Phase II Project (Signaling System) of Hunnan New District, Shenyang

∙ PPP Project of New Energy Tramway Bus T1 Line of Yuncheng County

∙ Rail Transit Project (Signaling & Control Systems) of Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Shanghai

∙ Pilot Project of New Public Transport System of Nanhai District, Foshan

Smart City

∙ Smart City Project of Tongren, Guizhou

∙ PPP Project of Smart City of Taixing, Jiangsu

Urban Infrastructure

∙ Primary Land Development Project of New Town of Tongren

∙ PPP Project of Underground Integrated Pipeline of Siping

∙ PPP Project of Integrated Pipeline (Phase I) of Jishou

∙ PPP Project of Road Network Construction of Qiannan Industrial Park and HSR New Town of Jishou

∙ PPP Project of Water System Ecological Treatment for Sponge City Construction of New Town of Hebi

∙ PPP Project of Trunk Road Construction (Anshi Village-Xiaba Village) of Lizhuang Industrial Park of Lizhuang Town, Cuiping District, Yibin