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CRSC Included in List of Pilot Enterprises for Skills Rating by MOHRSS

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In the morning of 11th March, Zhang Lixin, Director of Department of Professional Capacity Building, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) addressed a question from a sector committee member of CPPCC ACFTU on the career path of skilled workers, saying that 18 central SOEs with good foundations were selected as pilot enterprises for skills rating, and once mature, the skills rating system would be promoted among all enterprises. Professional skills level certificates from the pilot enterprises would be treated as professional qualification certificates from MOHRSS.

As one of the 18 central SOEs selected by HOHRSS, China Railway Signal & Communication Co., Ltd. (CRSC) will start the pilot work in skills rating, following instructions on the training of skilled workers, and assuming corporate social responsibility, to train skilled workers for China's rail transport industry. 

CRSC has always emphasized the training of skilled workers, considering them as a key part of its three professional teams, the backbone of its technical workers and a critical player for its technical innovation and commercialization of scientific & technical results, industrial optimization and upgrading, and improvement of core competitiveness. Its skilled workers mainly work in production and construction enterprises, and at the front line of production and construction, serving as the actual executors and main force of its various tasks, and turning its scientific & technical results and engineering projects into economic benefits.

As a key platform for the training and selection of skilled works, "China Skills Contest - CRSC Professional Skills Contest" is a national event organized by CRSC and MOHRSS's Center of Technical Guidance on Employment Training. This biannual contest has been held for 16 times. It selects four major types of skilled workers, i.e., signaling workers, communication workers, signaling equipment manufacture fitter, signaling equipment assembly & debugging workers. Each time, the contest selects 120 winners from over 6,000 contesters as candidates for the awards of National Technical Expert, Central SOE Technical Expert and CRSC Technical Expert.

As the contest venue, CRSC's Center of Engineering Test for Switch Throwing Equipment is located in Tianjin Railway Signal Co., Ltd. of CRSC Xi'an Rail Transit Industry Group Co., Ltd. The 6852㎡ facility includes two parts, outdoor part and indoor part. The 1150 ㎡ indoor area has three product laboratories, a signaling central control room, a product prototype room, a training room, and an operating room, together with auxiliary equipment. The 5702 ㎡ outdoor area houses multiple types of switches, switch monitoring systems, points heating systems, and video monitoring systems, configured with learning, training and product displaying functions. The test center is an important platform for skills demonstration, and exchange & learning by CRSC's skilled workers.

Once approved by MOHRSS, 9 contest winners will become National Technical Expert, 12 winners, Central SOE Technical Expert, and 39 winners, CRSC Technical Expert each time, enlarging CRSC's team of skilled workers.

So far, 60 contest winners have become "National Technical Expert", 99 winners, "Central SOE Technical Expert", and 209 winners, "CRSC Technical Expert"; and they have worked on the construction sites of over 50 High Speed Railways (HSRs), including Beijing-Shanghai, Wuhan-Guangzhou, Harbin-Dalian, Shanghai-Kunming, Lanzhou-Xinjiang, and Hainan Roundabout HSRs, and over 100 metros in over 30 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Chongqing. They have contributed to brand building of "CRSC Technology" and "CRSC Workmanship", and provided human resource support for first-class skilled workers for China's HSRs and urban transit lines.

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