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CRSC's First Tram Sent to Tianshui

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On 24th March, a 5-module 100% low-floor tram developed and manufactured by CRSC Rail Vehicle Co., Ltd. was sent from Changsha to Tianshui after final assembly and static & dynamic tests.

This is CRSC's first tram delivered for Tianshui Tram Demonstration Line (phase I). It will delivered to Tianshui on 28th March. Another 16 trams will also be delivered this year. The first tram will be subject to on-track commissioning after re-coupling; and is scheduled for trial operation on 18th November 2019, and revenue service in February 2020.

The trams have 100% low-floor, with their floors level with the platforms for easy boarding by the elderly and disabled, children, and wheelchair users. To improve passenger experience, digital voice messages are provided on surrounding scenic spots, and flight, train & transfer information, for easier travel; video monitoring is achieved in stations and trains, for a higher sense of security; and multiple payment methods are available, such as mobile phone QR code, smart card and one-way ticket, and payment tools are supported, such as WeChat and Alipay, for easier travel; tram related information is sent in real-time via Tianshui Tram APP, official accounts and mini programs, for easier ticket purchase and travel.

The trams are characterized by modular design, flexible formation and low maintenance cost; equipped with super-capacitor for energy storage, with no need for overhead line and no effect on urban landscape; and configured with modern digital control and non-stage full-current transmission, as well as Internet-based central control for train dispatching anytime and anywhere. They feature higher intelligence than those in most world-class cities, and represent the new lifestyles of "Smart Life" and "Smart Transport".

The trams have a steel wheel and steel rail system as running gear and five cars, with a maximum speed of 70 km/h; and have 58 seats and can carry about 370 passengers. Their main colors are brown and orange, symbolizing the pure and simple hearts of Tianshui people. Their simple, natural and elegant interior decoration is based on various elements of Tianshui's ancient architectures, enriching spatial texture and visual hierarchy.

Tianshui Tram Demonstration line (phase I) is a PPP project undertaken by a consortium led by China Railway Signal & Communication Co., Ltd. (CRSC). CRSC Construction Group Co., Ltd. performs civil engineering works for the test section; CRSC Shanghai Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd. conducts E&M equipment procurement and installation; CRSC Rail Vehicle Co., Ltd. provide the tram cars; CRSC Wanquan Signal Equipment Co., Ltd. provide the tram control system. The 12.925km project includes 10.2km Jihe River Section and 2.725km Weihe River section; and has 12 stations. Once completed, the project will ease the traffic congestion in Tianshui and accelerate the development of its Qinzhou and Maiji Districts.

Located in the Changsha High-tech Development Zone, CRSC (Changsha) Industrial Park has 100% low floor tram production line and integrated high-fidelity simulated tram test line, with smart manufacture rate up to 80%. It strives to become a one-stop solution provider in smart rail transport on the basis of CRSC’s advantage in tramway across the whole industrial chain, contributing CRSC's intelligence to the fast development of the new mode of urban transit.

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